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Where Do We Go Berkeley has released a comprehensive report outlining shelter resident grievances and allegations of misconduct and abuse from Abode Services and the Rodeway Inn Shelter in Berkeley. This report has been released to the public and is available to be read and shared widely.

Rodeway v.1.3
Download PDF • 239KB

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This posting is being written well past the initial filing for a restraining order against the California Department Of Transportation (Cal-Trans). I will break it down into a wildly oversimplified explanation of what happened so that future articles will make more sense to our readers.

Beginning: Cal-Trans announces plans to evict over 30 people experiencing homelessness along the ashby freeway exit citing safety concerns from fire hazards, traffic accidents, and more.

Where Do We Go Berkeley organizes members of the encampment and files a Temporary Restraining Order against Cal-Trans blocking their ability to evict encampment residents. The case is presided over by the Honorable George Chen a 9th Circuit Federal Court Judge appointed by Barack Obama. The TRO is approved and WDWG is given more time to assist the residents in finding housing.

The TRO moves into its next phase to become a Preliminary Injunction further blocking Cal-Trans from being able to evict residents. Judge Chen orders the injunction and gives encampment residents 6 months to find housing. Where Do We Go Berkeley argued that evicting these residents, many of whom have disabilities was a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act by which Cal-Trans implemented a state program for homelessness abatement that did not take into consideration the physical and mental disabilities of residents. A common misconception (one echoed by misinformed Berkeley Politicians)was that Where Do We Go Berkeley was trying to

6 months later the preliminary injunction was lifted and an eviction is scheduled for May 4th and 5th To be Continued...

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As if things were not bizarre enough for the recent lawsuit against Cal-Trans organized by Where Do We Go Berkeley and members of the Berkeley "Ashby Homeless Encampment", Governor Newsom has decided to throw his ignorant thoughts into a misguided press release which luckily was ignored by most news outlets. WDWG firmly believes that it was no coincidence that a ruling from Federal Judge George Chen was due the next day. You can read an article about this by "Street Spirit" here

See Newsoms full text:

“Allowing individuals to live in encampments alongside our highways is not only hazardous but inhumane. Those who argue that the status quo is acceptable leave folks languishing on our roadways to face uncertain, unsafe and overall dire conditions. As a state, we’ve invested unprecedented billions in local governments to provide housing and implement bold, transformative solutions to move people off our streets and into urgently needed services.

“This litigation has significantly slowed our progress in Berkeley by preventing Caltrans from delivering on important efforts aimed at revitalizing California’s streets and public spaces through litter abatement and local beautification projects. It is critical that Caltrans be allowed to continue their vital work, especially in this case, where safer alternative housing had been identified for those currently living at the Ashby-Shellmound encampment. Housing should be left to local municipalities, which have been given more resources and support than ever before to address California’s homelessness crisis.”

Newsom poses with books in rustic dining environment while wearing casual business attire

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