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About Us

Where Do We Go? Berkeley is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2019 by a movement of people experiencing homelessness along the I-80 freeway in Berkeley CA. Following an onslaught of evictions by Cal-Trans and the California Highway Patrol, the residents (working alongside activist Andrea Henson) decided to commit an act of civil disobedience by refusing to leave their homes. A series of marches and protests ensued. Residents asked Henson "Where Do We Go?" and the movement soon became an organization.


Despite the evictions people continued to return to the land. Cal-Trans agreed to meet with residents of the Seabreeze encampment to engage in dialogue about a possible "truce". This was unprecedented, Cal-Trans would halt evictions on the condition that the land was kept clean and all safety liabilities were addressed. Since then Where Do We Go? has become involved with all encampments in and around Berkeley .

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Our Mission

We are an advocacy group but are also engaged in constant outreach and material support. Our goal is to fulfill all needs of the people whether that be supplying tents, clothes, and food, or driving an injured person to the emergency room. We also provide advocacy for people residing in shelters, hotel programs, and community cabins to ensure they are receiving safe and dignified care. 


We have representatives from major Berkeley encampments on our board of directors to ensure accountability. Through our advocacy we are actively engaged with state leadership, Cal-Trans, city counsel members, staff, and other government employees to fight for the fair treatment of unhoused people. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit we do not attempt to influence legislature or elections. Through our successes we hope to create permanent change. We hope to end stigma and show the world how wonderful and caring the people living in these encampments are. 

Meet The Board

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