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Coping with the Loss of a Beloved Pet: The Special Support Offered by WDWG

Everyday we advocate, provide legal services, are involved in civil rights litigation, and we also assist with the unique needs of individuals experiencing homelessness. Many individuals experiencing homelessness have pets that are family. A constant companion in a very difficult world.

For example, recently we received a call to help an unsheltered woman who just lost her tiny dog to a vicious attack by a much larger dog. The Pets Referral Center on University Avenue in Berkeley, California provided emergency vet care but sadly the dog did not make it. WDWG received a call at 10 pm, asking if we could provide funds so that the dog could be cremated and returned to its owner. In the background, we could hear the woman's painful cries of grief. WDWG made that happen for the woman who experienced such a painful loss of her much loved companion.

Please consider a donation to WDWG. It is with these donations that we provide free legal services, legal defense, advocacy, material support, and assist with very important needs of the unsheltered community. Please donate today to help us continue our work.

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