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Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Alameda County has prepared flyers to notify Berkeleys unhoused residents that they will soon be back on the street

"Covid-19 cases in our community have been decreasing. Thank you for doing your part!"

As we write this post the bay area has seen their highest number of newly reported cases since August with 7,761 new cases DAILY. This is not the time to be releasing a large amount of unhoused people onto the street with nothing besides what they can carry. What is also unclear is whether or not these flyers have been distributed. One has to speculate whether or not Alameda County is holding out for new funding and do not want to alarm the residents? It is important for the people in the hotels to know so they can make the proper preparations. We will keep you posted on what comes next. In the case of a mass eviction we hopefully be prepared to provide new tents and sleeping bags so people can get a head start as they transition back to sleeping on the streets.

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